An old school soul

I still like hand written letters, old dried rose in books, dates in libraries, reading poems to my lover. Instead of a video call, I prefer to walk through the hot summer night air with my lover. I would hug him in the middle of the night and tell him how much he means to me. I would rather go to an art museum with my lover than spending hours in a mall.

People are rather intrigued in physical appearance than actually getting to know the other person. Love has no value these days and people just jump from one relation to the other, it’s as if they change clothes everyday. All of this amuses me!!

People no longer write poems or letters to each other anymore, there are only long and cheesy texts.

These days nobody talks about commitment and marriage. I hardly see people who date the other person and have an intention of marrying them. Cheating and lying has become so normalized these days. I hear breakup stories as compared to love stories.

These days, it’s not about true love, it’s not about having a good heart. I have seen so many couples who have #couplegoals as their captions on social media and how unhappy they are with each other in reality. I have seen people just take a selfie together and again getting engrossed on social media.

It’s not about the unconditional things, it’s about the materialistic things. The number of gifts you give to your partner defines the amount of love you have for them.

When did people become like this, I wonder sometimes. Are we afraid of falling in love? Why do we have the fear of giving a commitment? Don’t people have faith in love anymore? Has the idea about love changed these days?

Smile, darling :)

Don’t forget to bloom in the dark.

Inhale positive thoughts and exhale the negative ones. Even when there is darkness learn to shine like a star. Don’t let your heart carry so much burden, it’s okay to let go sometimes.

Let your heavy heart cry out loud once in a while as it might ease the pain. Look at the nature around you, even the sky cries when the clouds cannot handle the weight. Your heart might ache after they leave, but remember that this is not permanent. There will always be a ray of light after the darkness ends.


Giving priority to others is absolutely fine, however what you should notice is their actions. Their actions will define the way you prioritize them.

Sometimes it is okay to focus on yourself, your ambitions and your future. If someone calls you selfish that’s okay too.

” To change your life, you need to change your priorities.” – Mark Twain

Little things

It’s a bright sunny afternoon and the sunlight starts filling the room and it touches our faces. I turn my face towards the wall and sleep a little longer. He gently tries to wake me up, strokes my hair and gives a kiss on my forehead. As I freshen up, he has already cooked a double cheesy omelet and we eat it as we watch an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Match not made in heaven

Her lipstick stain

It was an important day for him as it was interview for the dream job that he had aimed for. He opened his wardrobe and searched for his white shirt and as he removed it from his hanger he noticed that there was a lipstick stain on his collar. It took him back to the day when he called his relationship off and she had hugged him for one last time.

He had decided to move to Germany for his further studies and he told her that maintaining a long distance relationship is not his piece of cake. She explained him that when there is love and trust between two people distance does not matter. She was willing to wait for him, she looked into his eyes, caught his hand and said ‘You’re worth the wait’. He did not let her finish and told that he is not willing to maintain a long distance relationship and that it will never work out. He pushed her hand away and told that he just wants to focus on his dream, he does not need a distraction and that he is moving to Germany after 2 weeks. She was numb and did not utter a word and left.

It was years later that he was scrolling through his feed only to realize that she was getting married, he even stalked her fiancé. He could not resist and he dialed up her number and as she picked up the call his heart skipped a beat. They spoke for an hour and her fiancé in the background asked her ‘ Do you want a cup of coffee?‘. He had a flashback and it took him back to the time when they used to sip coffee together and watch the sunset, how every Sunday she’d make his favorite pancakes and get breakfast in bed for him. He remembered the first time she had cooked his favorite Mutton biryani and how she would give him champi and make him sleep on her lap. Tears rolled down his eyes as he remembered those precious moments spent with her and he fumbled and asked her one last question. ‘ Why didn’t you stop me? Why did you give up so easily on me? She took a deep breath, smiled and replied ‘sometimes you need to go away from certain people so that better things can come along’.

He decided to not wash that shirt as it was the most beautiful stain that she had left for him.


You were the reason I started smoking, you were the reason I was able to do my night shifts, you were the reason why every evening seemed so perfect. I still remember my first job and doing a night shift was really tough for me, but you were there with me holding my hand and as I touched my lips against yours everything seemed so calm. We have seen so many different phases of mine, we have seen so many sunsets together. Ever since work from home began our bond has even become stronger. You were the treatment for every hangover, I have found you even in my darkest days. When you are there all I need is some rain, mild music and you in my hand…..”adrak chai”

I might change in different ways but my love for chai will always remain constant.